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Should We Outsource Our Facility Management? It takes a lot to run a restaurant….

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Should We Outsource?

Should We Outsource Our Facility Management?

It takes a lot to run a restaurant. My heart goes out to all the restaurant managers that have more issues than they have the capacity to solve. If it’s not employee costs, then is a late food delivery, or staff not showing up for work on time up forcing a late service. And that’s only operations. This does not include facilities management. You make sure broken faucets are fixed, solve plumbing issues, or most importantly, ensure that health and fire safety is up to snuff. All of this must be done before, during or after service. And as always Murphy’s Law says “whatever can go wrong will go wrong,” most likely during a packed house. Suddenly your sewer drains back up. The health department code requires you shut down immediately while also incurring fines and unnecessary downtime. It can feel like it’s too much sometimes.

If you are overloaded, then outsourcing your faculties management may be for you. Facility management firms range in price and capabilities: the best can consistently deliver on all your requests guaranteeing maximum up time. They are also proactive and recommend various services over time to minimize the risk of a sewer back up or an appliance fire.

Overall most customers end up paying equal or slightly less than what they’re paying now for similar services. The biggest difference is time. Instead of you quarter-backing all these issues, you have resources with relationships with hundreds of local providers with thousands of capabilities and solutions. Not only that but you get consolidated invoicing with most firms offering 30-day net terms.

When looking for the best facilities service firm it is important they are easy to use. Sometimes you may prefer to email or text over placing a phone call and expect the same response time. Firms that offer online account access to print invoices, schedule service, enter service requests and view reports are best equipped to serve you. Once you try a few out, you may see the benefit of outsourcing your faculties management too.

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