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What’s All The Hubbub About Facility Assessments? Do you know where your facilities stand…

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What’s The Hubbub Bub?

What’s All The Hubbub About Facility Assessments?

Do you know where your facilities stand when factoring in every aspect of the structure and its main containments? For example, do you know when all of your fire system services are due? That’s five different tests, certifications and cleanings that take place twice a year. Are your coolers sealed and operating at the correct temperature? How is your general hygiene? Are your pest levels, such as fruit flies, rats, and roaches, within acceptable limits? I have only touched on a few of the issues health, fire and other city officials are looking for during a surprise or routine inspections.

For those who are not prepared, you risk inviting a deeper look into everything that is wrong. If this list gets too great, then you risk fines or a shutdown. Your customers will arrive at your restaurant and be greeted with a big yellow sticker that reads you were shut down because of fire or health violations. It’s embarrassing and a surefire way to lose customers.

Restaurants that work with a company to complete an assessment have nothing to fear because they were already made aware of the issues and have taken care of them. Most assessments are detailed and offer a visual analysis of problems that can cause you to fail your next inspection. Most firms provide copies of the assessment and a detailed roadmap towards full compliance. Some of the fixes may be done by staff, others may require professionals. In either case, you are better off having done an assessment than not having done one at all.

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